Security Takes Front Burner at a Meet with Fulbright Professor

The Director-General of the National Institute for Legislative Studies, Prof.Ladi Hamalai has urged lawmakers to carry members of the public along in
passing legislation relating to security.

She stated this on Wednesday, 7th June,2017 during an interactive session organized by the Institute in
collaboration U.S. Embassy to host Prof. Richard Anthony Joseph,Professor of Political Science at the
Northwestern University in the United
States (U.S.).“Security policy cannot endure
without the support of the public it is deemed to protect. Lawmakers should be and are at the forefront of this campaign for public support. They
have the direct responsibility to explain and justify to their electorate why expenditure is necessary on
security,” the Director General said.Prof. Richard Anthony Joseph in his paper titled “Affirming Democracy Amid Insecurity and Uncertainty”,
said “Nigeria must move to the forefront
in the region, in the continent and globally in interwoven ways:building effective state institutions,
advancing democracy and democratizing development.“Why can Nigerians build and operate
mega-churches but not quality public transport, public universities, public energy utilities and other service organizations? ”Security Takes Front Burner at a Meet with Fulbright Professor