Capacity Enhancement of Parliamentary Staff of ECOWAS Member States Gains Traction As Participants Converge on Lome Togo

A 2-Day specialized Training Workshop on Report Writing begins in Lome, Togo on 19th – 21st April 2017.
The workshop on Specialized Report Writing Skills, aims at developing a range of essential writing and communication skills of Parliamentary Staff of ECOWAS Member-states.

Parliamentary Committee reports have become a critical competence requirement of the 21st century Legislative Committee activities, hence, the focus, on Report Writing.

This is coming on the heels of the emerging challenges that the legislature has been faced with in area of report writing.

This is with the objective to close the huge knowledge gap among Parliamentary staff across ECOWAS Member-states.

It is the second in the series of Regional training workshops designed and implemented by the National Institute for Legislative Studies (NILS), as part of its mandate and efforts to provide continuous technical support to Parliamentarians and support staff.

The effort, which is ultimately aimed at enabling the Parliamentarians provide effective legislation, is supported by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) to assist the Institute in its programme on accelerated training for legislators and staff of the ECOWAS Parliament, National Parliaments, Parliamentarians in the West African sub-region, their support staff, as well as NILS staff.

The African Capacity Development Foundation was established with the objective of helping to develop necessary local capacities of African countries, its membership has grown from 12 to 39 in the past 25 years.
Nigeria is a founding member of the ACBF, established as a partnership between African countries and their multilateral and bilateral development partners.

The National Institute for legislative Studies, NILS has remained a critical intellectual resource center for not only Nigeria’s National Assembly but parliaments in the West African sub-region.
NILS has successfully, implemented the first phase of NILS-Cap 1, which has completed the full cycle of (NILS Capacity Building Project, 1), and commenced implementation of the first extension phase.

As the 40 participants from ECOWAS Parliament, National Parliaments of ECOWAS Member-states and the Nigerian National Assembly gather on Wednesday, the 19th 0f April, 2017, the Training Work Shop is expected to improve the proficiency of staff and produce a knowledge-driven workforce among Parliamentary staff across the Anglophone, Lusophone and Francophone countries.